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This is my first time writing on my blog about something like this. Friends of mine know I’m really not a fan of things like Kickstarters, and similar funding sources for entertainment, but a project has come along that really caught my attention, and so I figured I’d bring the topic up here to one eat a little bit of crow, because I said I’d never back a kickstarter, and to hype up this film project that I think is deserving of attention and funding.

I’m Having an Affair With My Wife! is the name of a screenplay written by Jen Finelli! Here’s the basics of what this rom-com is about directly from the film’s site,

Lashonda‘s a driven, successful businesswoman
with a passion for Korean food (and Korean men);

Sung-min‘s a laid-back artist who loves good music
as much as he loves to kick back with a comic book.

“When their marriage goes sour,
they both seek out affairs online…
and accidentally end up secretly dating each other.

I’m Having an Affair With My Wife! is on course to be the the first US romantic comedy in 17 years to feature a couple played by a black female and a male of Eastern Asian descent.

I have the awesome distinction of being the first backer Jen and her producing partner, Samantha Aiken, had for the film and that was well before their official fundraising campaign kicked off on April 1st. So technically, I don’t have to eat said crow, because I gave money to this project without being prompted by a campaign because that’s how much I believe in it! All kidding aside, Jen and Sam are two very cool and talented ladies. I’m a fan, and also a fan of the idea of an interracial married couple being on screen and showing a more authentic side of life within a marriage. Something I think is very underrepresented in the Romantic Comedy genre.

I highly recommend checking out the sites for I’m Having an Affair With My Wife!, which has already found their leading actors, and consider donating to their Seed and Spark campaign. Additional links here:

Jen and Sam Make A Movie – podcast | @affair_movie on Twitter | Affair Movie on Facebook

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