Welcome to Twisted Muses.

The road to this blog has been a long one.

I’ve been writing since I was young and over the years have

kept many notebooks and weblogs with pieces

that over time have been scattered in various places.

I created Twisted Muses to become a home for all of my wayward writing.

Poetry,  short fiction, random views or reviews. I wanted to be able to show that

inspiration comes in various forms and at anytime.

All written content here is original, unless otherwise noted.

– Kat 🐱

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© Twisted Muses



  1. Hi my love, I’m back (trying to anyway) on WP. I’m having a little trouble navigating, and creating, but I’m getting there, slooooooowly. I can’t seem to find your posts, and when I tried to like the one I did find, it took me to instagram, which I don’t use. Please help me navigate your site?

    P.S. I’d love it if you read through some of my older creations, and my newest 3 (you saw Hello Frankenstein on FB, but there’s a bit more added to it here, and then there’s the one (first one), I created on my own after that (Somewhere), and then I created another one which I’ve been itching to create for months since hearing the song so much (First Love). I’d love to re-connect with you here, on a more artistic/creative basis then we do “there.”

    Love you my Daff. hehe 🙂 ❤

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