manicdistress – a personal definition

On Instagram, I thought it would be interesting to give myself a definition. “manicdistress” was a screen name I created for myself years ago, and thought for my first go at defining me, that this was the word that best described me right now. The original post on what will become my writing Instagram account is linked below too. Feel free to follow me there.


Me at my computer.

manicdistress man•ic (adj)- showing wild and apparently deranged excitement and energy. // dis•tress (n)- extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain.

Two sides of the same person. I’ve spent years trying to understand just how the contradictions that make up my person are able to coexist, somewhat peacefully. Then I recognized that they aren’t mutually exclusive. Both sides make me unique and gives me insight into the mundane and the mad. I enjoy the constant internal battle. It’s why I try to  I look to connect with other souls that are on similar journeys. Maybe we can guide each other along the way. – Kat

How would you define yourself? I’d love to see what you all come up with. Share it with me here in the comments, or on Instagram by tagging me. You can also tweet me, @twistedmuses.


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