Cynical at the New Year

While a new year begins, the struggles of the last year can’t really be forgotten. They’re always brought to mind, when one opens their mailbox and finds a bill or gets a call from a collector. While this is not my situation currently, it certainly has been. There are many others whose situation is far worse off than mine and I think about them at this time of year. Were they able to get the extensions that they needed in order to keep bills paid and food in their home? I know the worries of the world can’t rest on my shoulders, that would be a most difficult burden to bear, but I can think about those closest to me and myself. I really want to be more optimistic and  hold on to a hope that things will turn around.  After working so hard at trying to make that happen, I think we deserve a bit of a break. I hope that good fortune will come our way. Maybe this year will be that year. We’ll just have to wait and see.



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