Work in Progress…

Just a little piece of something I’ve been working on. – Kat


Dani awakened to find herself in the backseat of a taxi. The sound of the traffic was loud and her head was pounding as if she had a world-class hangover. Looking down, she noticed she was no longer in the white scrubs from the asylum but in a long, white coat dress and black combat boots.

The driver adjusted his rear view mirror to look back at her. “It’s ‘bout damn time. I didn’t think you were gonna wake up.”

She stretched and sat up, “Where am I? Is this heaven?”

The man sneered, “If this were heaven, you’d be silent with your head in my lap.”

“Asshole,” Dani mumbled to herself.

“Look, Cupcake, Do you want to find your friends or not?”

“My friends?”

“Oh, now you got damnesia or somethin’?”

She closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, Dani found herself not in the cab but standing at a crossroads. One of the paths was wide and lit with shiny streetlights. The other was gnarled and dark.

A disembodied voice called out to her. “Whenever you’re done slackin’, we can continue!” She recognized the voice as that of the driver.

“Where are you?” Dani called out into the air.

The man, who seemed to blend right into the scenery, stepped out and towards her. “You look too much with your eyes, girl. That’s your problem.”


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