[Videogame Review] – Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens : Colonial Marines

Gameplay: Multiplayer, Co-op, FPS (First Person Shooter)
Price: $19.99
Purchased through Steam

Based in the world of the film, Aliens, the players take on the role of one of 4 space marines sent in to investigate a distress signal from the USS Sulaco and discovering that the ship had been overrun by Xenomorphs.

The mood and look of the game match the film very closely, even going so far as to use the voices and likenesses of some of the actors from the film (Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen were the two I recognized).

Though the gameplay is challenging, I felt like the objectives weren’t very clearly defined, which left us wandering around to run into things. I also think that the keyboard controls are a bit wonky. I couldn’t just pick up and play it because the control scheme is different from other shooters I’ve played. With some tweaking though the gameplay got better but I know there are still some aspects of the game I’m missing because of the way I’ve set my buttons. Note: The game can also be played with a controller for those that prefer it.

Despite those things, it’s still a fun game and best played with a group.

Originally written for The Society of Extraordinary Gamers forums



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