The VMAs

For those of us that grew up in the 80s-90s the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) was something to look forward to. The awards show had all of the fun stuff that the Grammys didn’t and it was always just before school started. The end of summer hurrah, so to speak. 

I thought the show back in the day was far more relevant than it is today. An awesome host (Arsenio Hall is the best show host ever, in my opinion), all of the pop stars that made that summer hot and some unexpected hijinks (Anyone remember Howard Stern’s horrible Fartman gag? *facepalm*). Now… I just don’t get it. It seems that every year there has to be something even more shocking than the year before. Maybe it’s because I’m in my late 30s and I just can’t relate anymore but I’m finding the shows far from entertaining, so now I just catch the YouTube highlights. 

Did you watch the VMAs? Did you have a favorite moment? Was there a moment you could’ve done without?



  1. I thought Justin Timberlake mini concert performance redeemed MTV VMAs show. Yes, I also checked out the highlights from the show because my attention span and kiddos will only let me see so much, lol.

  2. Macklemore and Justin T were my favorite by far of the whole show.

    Miley Cyrus was vomit inducing. Seriously. Did she even have parents? All the hip thrusts, crotch grabbing, twerking and grinding were beyond over the top, in a day and age when over the top is common place. Those boy shorts made her butt look absolutely awful when it’s obvious she has a nice body. She seems awkward, lost and desperate for attention, even if it’s the bad kind. Makes you almost feel sorry for her.


    1. She looked very uncomfortable. I thought her step out of the teddy bear was weird. Reminded me of a lizard sticking out its tongue to taste the air. It was just… off.

      I thought her wardrobe choice was poor too. She has a great little bod, but boy shorts are really more for gals with a bit more “junk in the trunk”.

  3. I did not watch. It is so much easier and less frustrating to just catch the highlights on youtube (read no acceptance speeches). It is just too bad that on a night Justin Timberlake performs with NSYNC, that all we are talking about is Miley Cyrus. She does have quite the tongue though…….

    1. N’SYNC. Those teases! I have to agree with some of the folks in Twitter. The reunion could’ve been created with Vine or Instagram video. Not long enough! I wanted way more than what we got.

      I think the thing with Miley is that her transformation is just a complete 180 from her previous persona. I’m not talking about the Hannah Montana persona, I’m talking about hers from when she first broke away from Disney, around the time of her first album. There is nothing wrong with her growing and being a bit edgy. I just wish she did it with a bit more class and not using people as accessories. I didn’t like it when Gwen Stefani did it either.

  4. I missed the beginning and am not sure what I may have missed. I always liked to see who opens, (and think, God forbid it be Madonna again) I always dig the musical performances, cant wait to see who upsets, who will be the most “how in hell did they win”, who looks the best/worst. But I usually am interested in the next day, what people are saying… for Miley, shes not any worse than any others. Remember Madonna, showing her ass rolling around on the floor in a Wedding gown….that was SHOCKING, for that time…now its no big gig….the thing that haunts me is Miley’s tongue, what the fuck, she must be related to Gene Simmons….now Im haunted…but ya, it was purposely provocative, this year will be nothing compared to next year…who knows….

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