Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

I started this blog in August of 2012 with the intended goal to write more and also begin to consolidate pieces that I had on other blogs. I have started to write more because of having this blog, which has been wonderful. It felt good to be able to write things for myself to share that were more personal.  As for the consolidation part of my goal, I haven’t been very successful on that front. I’m working on it though.

Are there any goals that I’ve set for myself since I started the blog? Yes. I wanted to start working on some story ideas that I’ve had swirling about in my head for some time. The first is called In The Spy Game.


In The Spy Game is an original fiction blog done in the spirit of the modern spy genre. I love action, romance, intrigue and espionage. My goal there is just to create story and share it. I hope you’ll take the time to check that out as well.


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