Daily Prompt: Deja Vu

Have you ever truly felt déjà vu, the sensation that you’ve already had the experience you’re currently having? 

I have, even down having the same conversation. I had a dream of sitting in a dimly lit room, I was nervous and being asked questions. The questions didn’t make sense and the speech was slightly garbled. I knew the people in the room but still couldn’t figure out why I was there. I just remember feeling very apprehensive about what was going on. Until a question was asked that made me laugh.

About 6 months later, I walk into that same dimly lit room. My hands are shaking, my pits of wet with sweat and I’m nervous. It’s my promotion interview. The questions are a blur and most of them my brain blanks right out on, until I was asked if I spoke any other languages. This was it! This was the moment where I started to laugh. Then I replied, “Does Geek count?”

My bosses who were sitting across from me at the table looked up from their papers and laughed. Somehow I knew that everything would be okay after that.

It’s funny how the subconscious mind brings up things. It made me wonder if I had been thinking about promoting long before I even knew a promotion was coming. I don’t really remember but it did strike me as funny when it happened.

Daily Prompt: Deja Vu.


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