The Drive Home


It’s 2AM and I’ve shaken the cobwebs off of my brain long enough to make the drive home. It’s been a long day and I’m ready to wind down and maybe catch a few Zzz’s before I start my night all over again.

The graveyard shift has its perks. No traffic, so it gives me time to think of story ideas. Like wondering if there might be spirits wandering the dark halls of the building, or about the life of the stray cats in the courtyard.

I laugh at the thought and turn up the radio. Kurt Cobain is coming from the speakers singing something about things being less dangerous when the lights are out and I agree with him. There is nothing to fear. I’m in my element.

This conversation I’m having with myself is interrupted by the grumbling of my stomach. It has been some hours since I’ve last eaten. Most of the places I would normally go are closed but not all hope is lost. There is a bright red sign that is the savior of many a graveyard shifter or drunken partygoer. “Open 24 Hrs“!


My stomach is saved, because waiting for me is a place that serves some of the best burritos in town. At the speaker a woman with a thick accent says, “Can I help you?” I place my order and she says “Thank you,” Pulling around I’m greeted by a nicely dressed woman with a pleasant, heavily caffeinated and slightly sleepy smile. She knows all about what I’m going through. Being a late night worker herself, she knows the value of the bright red sign saying open 24 hours. With my brick burrito with extra sour cream and red salsa in hand, my nightly quest is complete. Making it home in one piece is no small feat and tonight I have it to do all over again.

So are you a shift worker? What’s your preferred shift?

– Kat



  1. Each of my shifts have advantages and disadvantages. I like 7A-3P because it is normal for me. 3P-11P is nice because you can do stuff during the day, and it is still close to normal. 11P-7A has only one advantage, No bosses. But I always sleep horribly.

  2. I have always been a night owl myself. There’s something quieter about the world at night. Mysterious, you know? But when it comes to work I prefer working a day shift so I can have the night to myself.

    1. There are definitely some advantages to working earlier shifts. A normal sleep schedule, being able to feel the sun on my face (wait, that’s not an advantage!). I have long weekends every weekend so I get a lot of time to myself, which is good and bad depending on how lonely the day gets.

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