Just Be Yourself

Standing in front of this classroom reminds me of when I was child. My palms are sweating and my nerves are shaking. Show and tell is still hard. I’ve never been much of a public speaker (which is probably why I write instead). I’d much rather sit in the back of the class and just take it all in. Still I’m here for this presentation so I just have to go with it.

be yourself

“Be yourself,” I say to the class. There is silence in the room and fear starts to grip me. So I say it again, “Seriously, just be yourself.”

Taking a seat on the desk, I look around at the faces of the children. Some who I can already tell are leaders, others are followers. I relay stories about a time when I too was one of the “sheeple”, the herd that follows trends rather than blazing my own trail. What it got me and when I realized that breaking from the crowd was the best way to be a part of it. I listen to their stories about what being themselves or not has done for them. An exchange of ideas flows. In a perfect scenario that’s how it would go.

I’d tell them just how difficult it could be to be themselves in a world where conformity is so highly valued. “But try,” I say to them. “In the long run we might be a happier people for it.”

Prompt from: Daily Prompt: Show and Tell.



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