The Beginning – A Personal Post

How did you start writing? It’s a question that comes up often. Honestly, it’s hard to pinpoint really when I first started to write. I can better answer when did I first begin to tell stories. 

I had a pretty active imagination as a kid. I’d play with my dolls and come up with different names, personalities and even voices for them all. Taking them through their day, waking, going to work, going out with their friends, making dinner at home. I saw them as people with real lives and feelings. 

High school was when I really started to do something with that and poetry. I wrote my first short story as a freshman. A fictional account of two guys watching the events of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. My teacher enjoyed it so much that he had kept it and encouraged me write more. I’d say that was truly the beginning. The moment when I started to shake the fear of showing my art to others and opened up more about it.


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