As Far As I go – An excerpt

Yes, I’m still working on the novel. My pace is that of a tortoise but I’m working my way towards the finish line. Here is just a little bit of what I was working on this evening. It’s still rough because I’m forcing myself not to edit (which is incredibly difficult to do by the way) but I’m trying to rein it in.


He asked, “Have you let go of everything? Ever?

That answer was easy. It was yes. Problem is, I’m not sure why I do it. Why I keep falling in love with the wrong guys like as I always do. Falling when I should be keeping myself at arm’s length. Falling when I should run away and protect my heart, but I keep getting drawn in. Into a near constant circle of lies and tears. Perhaps my heart is a little too trusting, too open. I wear my fantasies and fancies on my sleeve like some heartsick teenager and for the right one, I would give it all away.

Freely and sometimes to my own detriment.



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