I never realized just how hooked the internet had me until I lost it. Even for one night. The pusher cut me off from my supply and I immediately went into withdrawal.

“Hey, man! I need my fix.” I said before I started to scratch at my skin like a junkie coming down from their last high. Sitting at my desk for what seemed like hours I stared at my “no connection” error screen, pressing F5 repeatedly on my keyboard, hoping that there would be some miracle. The more I clicked refresh the faster it would come back, right? WRONG… So very wrong. There I was being haunted, taunted by the evil “no connection” screen. Try clicking on the diagnose button to troubleshoot your connection, when really the problem wasn’t my connection it was the network.

The modem lights went dark and the voice automated tech support had become more hassle than it was worth, so it was time to admit defeat and slink off to bed. A broken shell of a woman, I stared up at the ceiling wishing I could play that one last turn in Words with Friends or check the e-mail account that I knew hadn’t updated in hours (mostly because no one sends me e-mail). I finally went to sleep and hoped that the next day I would be reconnected.

– Kat


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