From Blonde to Blue

I’m a bit of a hair chameleon. Decided it was time for a change. I went from blonde curls with a bit of a shag around the sides, to completely shaving the sides, and leaving the top, which is now a bright blue. I’m feeling a bit punk with this look, and I LOVE it!

Bait – A doodle haiku


chasing wide eyed dreams

barely in sight, out of reach

tumbling, falling down


Pictured: A doodle or a stick figure dangling at the edge of a hill reaching for a balloon. Below the figure is a hole leading to a tunnel. Under the doodle is a handwritten haiku by Kat Marsden

Inktober 2019 – Day 1

I’ll try to do as many of these as I can this month. I usually don’t get all 31 done, but I do try. Today’s prompt: “Ring”

I did it as a Doodle Haiku:



eternal love and promise

the two become one


Pictured: A doodle of two interlocking rings surrounded by a handwritten haiku by Kat Marsden



I miss you, Dad!

My dad passed away on the 20th. I miss him more than words can even express. He had been struggling with his health off and on for the past few years, so while I expected that this was going to be the outcome, nothing truly prepares you for this.

My dad was a very athletic guy in his younger years. An electronic engineer by trade. Some of my earliest memories of him was watching him build or fix things. He built a robot for his college class, and my brother and I got to be there for that. When he worked in the aerospace industry, we sometimes got to go with him to work when he needed to catch up on things. 

He taught me a lot about computers, electronics, fixing a car, sports. He knew I wasn’t a “girly girl”, and said he didn’t want me to have to be dependent on others, so he taught me the things that most of my girl friends didn’t know.

He encouraged my creativity. He loved when I would read him something new I was working on, or wanted to see photographs I had taken. He gave me my first programming books, and encouraged that as well. My dad always pushed us to be better, even when he was being stubborn and making us nuts, I appreciated that.

My dad loved westerns (Especially John Wayne flicks), football, and adventures. I’ll miss his “Happy Birthday” song calls, him calling me “daughter”, and his goofy dances. I’ll miss him coming to my rescue whenever I needed help moving, or just needed someone to vent to when work was pissing me off. I’m just glad he isn’t hurting anymore, and as much as I would rather have him here, I would much rather have him not be miserable.

Thankfully, our last conversation was just a couple of days before he passed and we our last words to each other were “I love you.” and that still holds true.



Work In Progress

Some pieces from my work in progress. I’ve been posting them here and there on Instagram. I will get better about posting them on here.

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In progress…

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The Muse Awakens

The end of the year is approaching quickly. So I figured I’d pop in, say hello and update you all about what I’ve been up to.

I’m still doing game broadcasting, and enjoying it. I attended TwitchCon in Long Beach, CA in October, and had an amazing time meeting other broadcasters, content creators, and developers to share our experiences on Twitch and about our love of gaming in general.

As for creative endeavors… I’m finally writing again. I’ve decided to pick up an old novel idea that I’ve had swirling about in my head for a few years, and have been putting some work in on that as much as I can fit in. Just for fun, I’m sharing a paragraph from something I wrote this week. It’s a romance with some horror elements in it. I hope I can do the story in my head justice.

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What have you been up to, dear readers? What is pushing you creatively lately?